Charlie Sheldon ~ Author

Charlie started writing novels 30 years ago, at age 40, but he has written all his life. He was born and schooled on the east coast. He trained as a wildlife biologist before spending a decade as a commercial fisherman on the Atlantic Ocean. He later worked for ports for nearly 30 years on both the East and West coasts.  In 2012, at age 65, he went back to sea as a merchant sailor with the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific for four years.  He has lived near Seattle since 1990. Whenever he can he hikes in Olympic National Park.  These days he work on his tales, cooks for his wife, plays with his granddaughter, and continues to explore the Olympics.  The first chapters of Strong Heart~  a tale of the Olympics, the North Pacific Coast, an ornery young girl and ancient truth, presented here, start in the woods but include a sea story. Stories are what made us human, and this tale of stories woven within stories suggests how. Charlie hopes you choose to get the Ingram print, Kindle or Audible version of the complete novel and have half as much fun in the reading or listening as he did watching it appear. 


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