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Christopher Allen ~ Recycled Materials Art

Christopher Allen makes art with things he finds laying around unused or that would otherwise be thrown away. His work is inspired by the juxtaposition between the industrial, man-made materials he finds and the natural world around us, particularly our oceans and forests.

Chris graduated from UCSC in 2000 and lived in Santa Cruz for 17 years working as an educator. During that time, he had the good fortune to be able to use his artistic skills with students in classes like sculpture, photography, printmaking, and even literature. Creating art lessons showcasing the natural beauty of the Santa Cruz area on a tight school budget inspired many of the aspects of his art that can still be seen today. It was only after he was laid off that he was able to turn his passion for making art from a hobby to a career.


Chris moved to Washington in 2018, and has called Port Angeles his home since 2020. His work can be found on his website at or his Instagram @bottleworks451

Irrigation Tubing Wave
Wheel of Time
Bike Chain Wave 4
Mellow Yellow
Vogue Sept. 2019 part II
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