Debbie Harding ~ Pastels

Debbie Harding’s pastel journey began in 2008, after changing careers.  Prior to that she and her husband, Casey, owned and operated a residential home for brain injured adults.  Stepping down from the administrator role, she embarked on a new path in the wonderful world of pastel painting, which is certainly one that is following her gifts and passions.


“I enjoy capturing the mood of what I experience in nature, through an effective mix of painterly, impressionistic marks, and building drama with carefully placed details and highlights.  The entire creative process, from being inspired by what I see, on through the act of translating that inspiration with pastels onto the page, is a journey brought about by feelings of joy.  It is my hope that as you view my pastel paintings, you will, in turn, find reasons to rejoice along with me.”


You can see more of Debbie’s work on her website:, and now as one of the newest artists represented here at One of a Kind Gallery.

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