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Denise Rose Miller ~ Watercolor


Denise has always been an observer of nature and followed her heart to explore and capture the beauty that surrounds us. She has traversed the globe, always entranced by the colors of the Pacific tropics, the lush, mystical wilds of the Pacific Northwest rainforest, the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the stark beauty of the Great Basin, the weathered coast of Cornwall, and the classical beauty of the Mediterranean.


She expresses her impressions of the natural world by using light, motion, color and texture; creating a visual conversation with the viewer and letting them also explore natures spectrum of color, and the myriad varieties of form and texture sculpted by the elements.

Denise was born in London, England and came to the United States as a young child. Her father had a love for the outdoors and from an early age he would take her on explorations into the natural world. Trees were not just an object. They were life that was full of flowing shapes. Through her years as an archaeologist, she spent more hours outside than in, all the time recording the world around her. As a designer she continued her love of art and traveled to many parts of the world, meeting people and seeking the road less traveled. Her paintings are the expression of her adventures, past and present, and her passion for the world that surrounds us.

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