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Jay Willoughby ~ Metal Art

Jay’s true passion is with automobiles; specifically hot rods, rat rods, race cars, muscle cars, sports cars, and the modification of them. Automobiles are as much of an expression of art as anything else is. As a result of fixing up cars there are left over parts, pieces, and even old broken tools that Jay has been making into art as an alternative to just throwing these items away or scrapping them.


Jay started making roses from the scrap sheet metal leftover from the fabrication of body patch panels. Like his automotive tastes, which vary tremendously, the roses he makes are sometimes left bare to take on what their environment will give and typically rust, developing their own character. Some are painted with automotive paint of various mixes to show off their beauty and handle the elements of a garden if one should choose to place them there. Other items such as tools, broken car parts, etc., are used to make various characters and other items of interest. Jay’s favorite quote about roses is Abraham Lincoln's famous: “We can complain the rose bushes have thorns or rejoice the thorn bushes have roses.”

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