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Ken Dvorak ~ Photography

"A photograph is made, not taken." ~ Ansel Adams

Ken's photographs come from a love of the natural world. He started his approach to landscape photography when he was in the Navy and bought his first 35 mm camera from a fellow sailor more than fifty years ago. His photography has been influenced by both Ansel Adams and Gallen Rowell. His craft has been refined by Richard Green, a teacher at Hartnell College in Salinas, California.

Ken was a Special Education teacher for thirty years and found that being out in nature was a great stress reliever from working with learning disabled middle school students. 

Ken finds that he is doing more work with his digital cameras but he continues to shoot film whenever the opportunity presents itself. He then scans the images into his computer and is currently moving toward converting more images to black and white as that is where he began when he used a darkroom to create his images. 

Ken is a self taught photographer except for a couple of community college courses in black and white photography. In addition to One Of A Kind Gallery, his work is currently hanging in City Hall in Sequim, Washington and the Blue Whole Gallery in Sequim.