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Kerry Dewey ~ Acrylic

Kerry Dewey is a native of Port Angeles and has raised her four children here as well. Kerry loves to travel and has been to China, Bolivia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and of course Canada—but she always comes home to the mountains, the water, and the green. Kerry and her husband, Jeff, enjoy traveling on their Harley Davidson, where Kerry reads books while riding behind her husband. (It gets hard to turn the pages at 80 mph!). Kerry credits her art to her husband because he is so supportive and encouraging, always willing to help her explore new artistic avenues. Kerry and Jeff love to take their black labs, Boo and Lucy, around the neighborhood, to the river, or the woods.

Kerry was very intrigued by pointillism and upon seeing some "Port Angeles Rocks" envisioned rock pointillism.  Her first attempt was not as museum quality as she had hoped, but she continued to paint and has developed her own style, "dotistry." Her inspiration comes from nature, her imagination, and suggestions from those around her.

Kerry loves to talk with others about art, dogs, and the places she has traveled!

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