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Kim Willoughby ~ Multimedia

Kim Willoughby and her husband Jay moved to Port Angeles from Mount Hood, Oregon in 2016. She is new to the art world, this being her first experience showing her work to the public. Being active, working full-time, and having a family kept her busy. Kim never considered herself an artist, and beginning her art exploration at the age of 50 was scary. She wanted to be an artist but had no training or background. The one thing she felt she could do was doodle, but she didn’t see the artistic benefit until one day someone suggested finding a medium to doodle on. That suggestion sent her on a journey of exploration a couple of years long, experimenting on different mediums. Kim has done her “doodles” on glass, gourds, and tiles, but her favorite is to find old used wood pieces to transform and give new life with her doodling.


Additionally, Kim enjoys creating yard art flowers from recycled dish and glassware and is in the process of teaching herself the art of fused glass. Experimenting with different types of mediums is something Kim likes to challenge herself with—working with mosaics, buttons, beads, bottles, etc. So far everything she has done has been self-taught. Being creative is a unique and satisfying endeavor and Kim is looking forward to the feedback she gets from folks who experience her work!

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