Larry Pierce ~ Wood Artisan

While Larry's background in this endeavor is varied, he currently finds a satisfaction in fabricating band boxes and smaller useful items to be used around the house.

Larry believes nature provides us with the gift of natural wood from many species of trees around the world.  This provides opportunity for a variety of choices for projects.  Additionally repurposed wood such as found in storage palettes, barn wood and drift wood provide a rustic look.  Another avenue is using products derived from wood such as canvass and paper to render faux grained wood. 

Turning raw stock into a work of art or bringing damaged wood back to its original state has been a life time pleasure for Larry.  For several years he and his wife restored teak wood on yacht interiors and exteriors.  He enjoyed helping clients to find ways to add user friendly spice cabinets, light casings and refinishing.  Retaining his love for nautical and maritime imagery continues as he titles his present work in maritime themes.

Previously Larry switched his major in college to Industrial Construction Management. He started out with studies in botany, reinforcing his interest in the nature of living things, God-given gifts of plants, trees, rocks and sand.  The oceans and forests for myhe and his wife are favorite places to visit along with the sea creatures and wildlife that inhabit these places. 

Additional compliments added to wood are sought through the use of stained glass and artistic embellishments Larry's wife adds.  It is not unusual for them to work on projects together.

Previously he built furniture such as a trestle table and china cabinet with embedded copper sink that graced thier trational home for many years.

Larry's past experience also includes teaching at a local community college in New Mexico to those who desired to learn basic skills in woodworking.

Currently he works out of his woodshop in Sequim, Washington and belongs to the local Wood Artisans organization, and now it's a pleasure to share his work in local galleries as well. He has participated in the showing and selling of his work at the Sequim Wood Artisans Show.

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