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Marie Williams Wetzel ~ Ceramics

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Marie is an artist and teacher, using her love of salmon fishing, gardening, and life in the Pacific Northwest as inspirations for her artwork. 

A native of western Washington, Marie lives on several acres in the wooded hills above Bowerman Basin along Grays Harbor. Her studio overlooks 300 hydrangeas in dozens of varieties. She and her husband, Paul, salmon fish nearby in the Pacific Ocean as well as in Alaska each summer. Her heritage includes both Croatian and Norwegian fishermen who came to the Northwest in the early 1900's. 

Marie holds degrees from the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Western Washington University (BA) with concentration in Ceramics, and St. Martin's University (MEd). She was an adjunct professor for Art Education at St. Martin's and Washington State Universities. She taught elementary school in the Hoquiam School District where she introduced a monthly "Art Walk" to teach basic elements and principles of art to children in the 2nd through 6th grades. 


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