Mary Comeau ~ Jeweler

Mary Comeau is the owner of One of A Kind Art Gallery. Mary and her husband Keith are originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They decided to move to Washington because when Keith was a child he would go though Washington to get to Canada to see relatives in the summer.


They started with laser printing/etching. Mary saw how other artisans were selling a lot of jewelry so decided to give it a try. She found a lot of success with jewelry making. She works exclusively with glass, wood, and stone beads. She makes bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Mary finds her inspiration by looking at the pendent or the beads to find the right colors and puts beautiful pieces together. She will be expanding her necklace materials to include rocks from the beaches around Port Angeles, so watch for them. Mary gets most of her inspiration from the artists in her gallery and by watching other artists create.

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