Scott Erickson ~ Photography

Scott's photographs require him to be at the right place at the right time, which means waiting (sometimes quite a while) until an image is ready to be taken.  He utilizes digital capture of visible light and the infrared light spectrums on separate camera bodies.  Scott's black and white and color photographs retain the fundamental principles of presenting the image as it was viewed at the time of capture.  He relies on composition, light and shadow, and minor digital darkroom adjustments without adding layers or artifacts not present in the original image.  Scott strives to capture a view of the world around us that emphasizes how the changing quality of light and shadow reveal the subtle textures of nature and our world.  His images of people strive to capture a glimpse of events and experiences that may touch each one of us during our journey through life.  All of Scott's images are meant to serve as a visual repository of beauty and life; to inspire, evoke memories, and spark our emotions.

Ship Rock_2
Kalaloch Graphic_Platinum
Paulina Lake Moon_2_Newberry NM

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