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Sheri grew up in a very gregarious and creative family. As a child, she loved to act, sing, and sketch. She took art, music and theater classes in high school, and majored in Theater and Graphic Design in college. She has dabbled in various media, seeking the perfect creative outlet. At the behest of a friend, she began working with stained glass in 1980. While she found it an enjoyable hobby she was never truly passionate about it and eventually gave it up. Then in 2006, after moving to Port Angeles, she was introduced to warm glass (kiln-formed) and immediately knew she had found her creative passion. She purchased a small kiln and started making gifts for friends and family. Her love for working with warm glass continued to grow and she found the small size of her kiln limited her ability to create the pieces in her mind. The opportunity presented itself and she purchased a larger kiln. She has been exploring the possibilities glass offers which seem limited only by her imagination. She loves to tackle new ideas and try new techniques. She continues to take classes and draw upon the expertise of others willing to share their knowledge. While she does continue to produce pieces which are inspired by her imagination, she also is happy to work with clients on commissions and help bring their ideas to fruition. She is excited to take her art to the next level and see where her creative journey takes her.

Sheri currently lives in Port Angeles with her husband and three bloodhounds.


Plain Trinket Bowls, 6" - $40

Embellished/Swirl Trinket Bowls, 6" - $55
Bowl, 7" - $65

Swirl/Fluted Bowl, 9" - $85

Lidded Box - Elliptical, Rectangle - $60

Lidded Box - Heart, Circle - $50

Watercolor Bowl, 9" - $95

Organic Flower Bowl, 9" - $85

Triangle Plate, 9" - $65

Square Swoop Plate, Plain, 5" - $40

6" - $50

7" - $60

Multicolor Plate, 10", with display stand - $90

without stand - $70

Rectangle Platter, 12" - $75

Piano Keys, 10 key - $75

14 key - $90

Woven Glass Plate, 7" - $75

12" - $105                                   

Seashell Soap Dish, 6" - $80


Custom colors and special orders are always welcomed and appreciated. I am happy to talk with anyone about it.


“Still nothing?”
Poor hungry puppy!
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Acrylic and salvaged/vintage sign letters
+ vintage aluminum Jello mold.
$75 in store
$92 online

“Go Dog Go
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Acrylic and salvaged letter cubes from
vintage board game called RSVP.
Hook for keys/leash.
$75 in store
$92 online

“Trick Dog”
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Acrylic and salvaged/vintage sign letters
+ vintage toy wheel.
$75 in store
$92 online

“X-Ray”aka What The Dog Ate
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Acrylic and vintage sign letters +
random items in tummy.
$75 in store
$92 online

Persistent pup with black walnut stick
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Acrylic and salvaged/vintage sign letters
$75 in store

$92 online

“Must Have Tuna
10 x10”on cradled wood panel.
Magnetic words and hook for car keys -
so you can go get food!
$75 in store
$92 online

4x4” labeled by breed. Or coloring.
In store $30 online $36

Jack Russell.4x4
Husky 4x4
Black Poodle.4x4
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