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Sue Hockett ~ Doodle Art

Sue was born in California and has been a natural artist ever since she was a child. She is married to a wonderful man, Lloyd, and has two children, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She has four pets—Marie the parrot, Danni the Sheltie, Yoda the Chihuahua, and Snickerdoodle the Yorkie/Reindeer Chihuahua/Poodle mix. 

Sue worked at Boeing as an Electrical Design/Drafter on the CAD/CAM computers, a Paratransit bus driver, and drove and worked with the disabled and elderly until she herself became disabled working in a convalescent center in 1998. Sue is now retired, but she draws. She is not only an artist, but also a crafter. She has created many things such as carved walking sticks and canes, dabbled in stained glass, acrylic painting, molding plastic clay (FIMO), and all stages of ceramics.  She also collects angels and gemstones, but now has found her niche. She loves doodling. She never knows what she will end up with and over the years has made improvements. She uses fine point Sharpie pens on mixed media paper and occasionally doodles in colored pencil. 

Sue continues to doodle every day. And watch for the coloring book she is currently working on—to be released soon!

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