William A. "Bill" White ~ Multimedia Traditional Crafts

Bill is a member of the Chickasaw Nation. He was born and grew up in Oklahoma, attending college at Oklahoma State and Southeastern, before graduating from Central State University. He has lived in Washington state most of his adult life and has worked with several Northwest tribes, the Indian Health Service, and the National Park Service as well at State and Local government. 

Bill has maintained his cultural ties through his art and crafts, as taught to him by his grandfather and mother. He prefers beading and working with feathers or leather, but has skills in a variety of traditional crafts. 

Bill splits his time between work, home maintenance and artistic endeavors. All of his materials are commercially available or from legal sources. Whether miniature peyote fans or authentic dance gear, flute cases, decorated feathers or household/office items, Bill attempts to be true to his heritage in technique and spirit. He is a member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, an organization that ensures products are 100% Native American made.

Bill lives in Port Angeles with his wife, Laura. He has three children, one stepdaughter, and nineteen grandchildren. Bill is a military service veteran and cancer survivor.


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